Monday, July 30, 2018

It's a Busy Place!

     When I was an elementary student growing up in Richmond, the last day of school was literally the last day of school!  When that final bell rang, I ran as fast as I could to my bike, threw my baseball glove on the handle bars and off I went.  From there I spent my summer playing baseball, fishing and hanging out with friends that lived within the radius of where I was allowed to ride my bike.  The elementary school was virtually "closed up" for the summer.  Things have certainly changed!
     When the last bell rings at PAES, the building does not go into hibernation!  Instead, the building becomes a place where students spend an entire day attending our PAWS program.  It is a place that serves thousands of free breakfasts and lunches.  It is a place where students attend community education classes, summer school, theater camp and VBS.  It is also a place where custodians and contractors tend to the building's many needs.
     Registration and open house are rapidly approaching.  When I was a child, Open House meant meeting new classmates and catching up with friends who lived outside my biking radius.  Today, it seems more like an extension to the many activities available for our students.
     Soon, school will officially start and the building will be full of activity, but in today's world that is nothing new!

David Oehrlein, Elementary Principal

Everything is going well

We are already a quarter of the way done with the school year. Students started their second quarter of classes last week Tuesday, the 6th. ...