Monday, September 10, 2018

Playground Update

If you have driven by the playground lately you have noticed that not much has changed.  Construction on the playground has been slow, but the planning and fundraising has been moving along nicely. 

When we started to throw around the idea of doing some upgrades to the playground, we thought, who better to consult than our most loyal customers, the students!  Last spring our teachers conducted a survey to find out what the students would most like to see on the playground.  Once we were able to gather that information we started our work by discussing plans and getting quotes from a number of playground companies.  In the end, we chose MN/WI Playground.  We are now in the process of securing dates to begin the upgrades.  Our hope is to finish as much as possible by the end of October.

Along with planning and construction, we have also been busy trying to secure the funding needed to make it all happen.  Through generous donations, fundraising events and grant applications we are well on our way!  We will continue to raise money through our Cherrydale fundraising event this fall, along with planning another color run for the spring or early summer.

We have been blessed with a great committee who has worked tirelessly to help make this project possible.  We hope that when you drive by the playground later this fall you will start to see measurable progress!

David Oehrlein

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