Monday, November 5, 2018

Makerspaces Continue to Grow!

As the school year rolls on, the Makerspaces at both buildings continue to grow with new equipment coming in daily. This month we added four new 3-D printers, Knex kits, LEGO kits, numerous handheld tools, and some cardboard creation kits. Over the next month, we will create a handbook to better assist teachers in brainstorming ideas along with training on equipment. The picture is of the secondary Makerspace. You can see the repurposed computer lab tables with a fresh coat of paint, the table play area for Sphero and VEX challenges, and the whiteboard collaboration tables in the middle of the area. Stay tuned for more information and to see the spaces in use soon! 

Everything is going well

We are already a quarter of the way done with the school year. Students started their second quarter of classes last week Tuesday, the 6th. ...